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"Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done."
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Can you believe that I just have to spend 124.000 idr for three different products from L’Oreal? God, this is why I really sacrifice myself to go all the way to Bekasi just to get this all. The 100.000 idr entry ticket becomes all free because of a friend. 

You can see that women can be so wild and rude when they see makeup sale. Everyone seems to always snatch away to talk to the sales girl and shout out that they want this and they want that. By the way, I’ve been actually wanting L’Oreal True Match foundation from a long time ago but bcs money can’t just be falling down from the sky so I resist to buy. When yesterday I heard that my friend offered me 100.000 idr voucher of L’Oreal product, I definitely said yes, I’d love to come.

After high consideration and I really know what I need, I skip to buy L’Oreal True Match though in my lovely makeup review website, this product has been reviewed by thousands people with high score. L’Oreal True Match is quiet heavy for my own style of natural makeup everyday though I know the coverage is better than L’Oreal Lucent Magique but I try to be wise *what???* Mmmm at least I choose what I think it might be useful for most occasion. After that, I seek for mascara. I swear that I only need a week to throw away my current mascara. Been long time don’t get the new one. So,I choose the cheapest one and it belongs to Curl Impact Collagene. While for those two incredible products, I can get free the newest compact powder they have, L’Oreal Mat Magique.

I really don’t plan to buy all those things. That’s why my wallet can only afford the bill under 100.000 idr. I’m a little bit relieved because at least I don’t have to spend much money in this booth but then when I ask the sales whether they accept debit card, she says yes. Aduh aduh -__-

fortunately, my brake is good enough for today.

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